The Tribal - CTI 2nd Annual Winter Outdoor Classic
February 18 2016

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Thursday February 18
In Memory of “Odd Sock Ollie”: After failed bone marrow transplants, Ollie moved to Emily’s House children’s hospice in Toronto. During his battle with cancer, Ollie wore odd socks, and broke open “a piñata a day” because that’s what he wanted. He received 24/7 medical care and access to play and recreation therapies. As his mom explains: “When you are in the storm that is the beginning of the end of your child's life, you do whatever you can that gives them even a small amount of joy. We decided to go to Emily’s House because we realized that the best way to ensure that we could give Ollie that comfort, and some measure of happiness, was to allow ourselves to be cared for also.” The impacts of hospice are very personal for every member of a family – as are each moment of care and joy. Emily’s House / PAC ( offers compassionate supports for those with a life-limiting illness and their family. Friends of Tribal Partners and CTI Working Environments are invited to participate in this 2nd annual outdoor hockey event. All proceeds will be donated to Emily’s House children’s hospice in Toronto, in memory of Odd Sock Ollie. Post-event refreshments will be provided courtesy of the title sponsors.
Spectator/Guest – a voluntary donation amount (suggested between $50-$100) will get you a cold hour or two watching, and the chance to warm up with the boys at the post-rink social.
Corporate – $500 (or greater) charitable donation will get your logo featured on the Emily’s House website, official recognition in the program, one Individual Player tag and a second refreshment voucher for a non-skating guest.
Individual – $200 dollar donation. Gets you on the ice and includes refreshments kindly provided by your Event Sponsors Tribal and CTI. Also includes a charitable tax receipt.
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The Tribal - CTI 2nd Annual Winter Outdoor Classic:

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